Building a Cooperative America.... Main Street Values


Located in Washington State’s Puget Sound Region… Seattle/Bellevue/Everett Area

Join your friends and neighbors... Lend, Invest, Donate… help MSV put a LID on poverty

We’re building a Cooperative America, where everyone can own a piece of the action

Creating new wealth producing products and consumer service industry clusters

Accumulating regional development funds… held in secured trust accounts

Opening the doors that have blocked so many from the American Dream

Demonstrating and exercising the power of self-accumulating wealth

We’re delivering economic democracy… one-person = one-vote

Instilling a dignity of ownership, the genesis of our real values

Building positive and permanent change in people’s lives

Consumers sharing in ourcooperatively created profits

Knowledge, Opportunity, Ownership… for all the people

Main Street Values; turning poverty into productivity

Contact: David Pauling… 425-922-6047…


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